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LisaM Ricci-DiSarro

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As a teenager, I was always passionate about creating just about anything. My mom was my inspiration. Dabbling in photography and developing her film as a teenager growing up in Germany, she had the "eye" for taking a great photo. The youngest of 3 sisters, all 17 months apart, there wasn't much time for my mom to photograph me. I guess that made me the obnoxious mom who always had the camera in my two daughters' faces (and still does). As I grew, so did my passion. My aunt (mom's sister) was a huge Pentax photographer. She had every lens and every filter you could imagine. I was intrigued and even more inspired to learn all I could about photography. As a stay-at-home mom, I took pictures of everything and anything, and my portfolio grew. My love of nature is what led me to become an outdoor photographer. Seeing everything God created through a lens made me appreciate the "little things" so much more.

With the birth of my grandson, my desire to add newborn photography to my portfolio grew beyond anything I could ever imagine. My love for capturing his little precious fingers, toes, ears, a smile, drool, giggles, and even the first little tooth is the most rewarding feeling I could have.

I had an amazing career in marketing and advertising for the largest interior design firm in South Florida. Be it luck or fate (I say fate), my boss saw my photography and granted me the most gracious opportunity to feature my work in our 110,000 sq ft gallery. My Nature and Architecture Photography work began to sell.  Our team of interior designers sold my photography to their clients. The feeling of seeing my photography in multimillion-dollar homes gave me confidence and even more passion for sharing my talent and photography with you.  (Shop my store to purchase my original photographs)

I welcome the honor and opportunity to capture with a maternity photo session one of the most precious times in your life of becoming a mom.   I will create an amazing maternity photo session for you, and if you choose, you can include your partner and other children.

Once your little one arrives, I will create another once-in-a-lifetime experience with a Newborn photo session.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I Love capturing the perfect moments, and I welcome the opportunity to deliver amazing, memorable photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime.


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